9 news from Bitrix24’s Apps before the end of the year 2020


Everyone has a list of favorite apps that help in the biggest daily needs, like ordering food or planning routes. Apps customize our experience and make everything more practical. You can do the same in your company, with Bitrix24 applications, optimizing processes, and taking advantage of opportunities that may be going overlooked.

In this text, we invite you to listen to the latest news from the BR24 exclusive application factory and learn how the new features can help B2B and B2C businesses from the prospecting and negotiation, to post-sales with automated service via WhatsApp or chatbot.

Upcoming releases to get the best of your Bitrix24

In one year, BR24 invested in developing applications to build up Bitrix24 and help managers and entrepreneurs with the digital transformation. In addition to the 7 applications launched, there was a strong investment in infrastructure with new servers from Amazon Web Services to improve the solutions deliveries, with stability and scalability!

Check below the latest news from our Bitrix24 application factory.

WhatsApp Integration API  

The app that automates WhatsApp in the sales and customer service processes, will receive a series of updates. Now with much more stability, the WhatsApp Integration API will have some highly requested features:

  • sending and receiving audios;
  • visualization of message status delivered and read – as in WhatsApp;
  • reports – increasing the conversion approach and other performance metrics of WhatsApp results and
  • BR24 native connector to promote more stability on WhatsApp.

Among the improvements, the one that stands out the most is the native BR24 integrator, who will help reach the support team and solve problems.

Besides, all configurations and activations processes will be available within the application itself, without the need to hire and integrate an external integrator.

Chat Booster

The BR24 chatbot is smarter and presents a more natural service experience for the user. To go further, the BR24 application team is investing in the development of artificial intelligence, to make Chat Booster the greatest ally in the communication of your business.

With this technology, it is possible to understand the whole picture, not only execute a flow, but understand your client’s needs and goals.

For those who do not know Chat Booster, this application allows reading data on the platform to customize responses, while saving new information in the customer’s CRM or lead.

chatbot for bitrix24


The electronic signature application for Bitrix24 already makes easy the validation integration of documents within the platform, using Clicksign, D4sign or DocuSing subscribers. The next eSignature updates now include:

  • automatic document sending after a close sale;
  • identification of the completed signature, notifying those responsible and
  • automatic changing in the sales funnel after everyone has signed the document.

These improvements aim to automate the sales process, facilitating the closing and contract. All of this without having to open any more windows to access the electronic signature service website.

Be ready to reach the next level

The news will be available in the coming months. Djeison Silva, explains the updates, which are scheduled for Q4 (4th Quarter), by December 2020.

However the best way to know when this news will be available is to follow our channel on YouTube and the news here on the blog. So, subscribe to the channel or subscribe to our newsletter!

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