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Confira 6 advantages of PowerZAP WhatsApp API for Bitrix24



Integration in the past was about having every tool in the same place. Today, that changed. Today, integration is about strengthening ties with customers, helping them to solve doubts or problems in a short time, so they can have a faster buying decision.

Many people, even with a technology background, don’t totally understand this yet. Why contract an PowerZAP WhatsApp API when I already have a native connection between WhatsApp and Bitrix24?

If you don’t see the answer, let’s talk more about it.

The advantages of an PowerZAP WhatsApp API 

Responding to customers on a platform that can automate sending messages with files attached and offers you the record on CRM is priceless.

Imagine making communication more clear, integrated, and fluid. People are on WhatsApp, so why not be with them and strengthen ties that can become in revenue.

1) Money, revenue and results

Monetize is about having people who notice the value of your offer and pay for it. But this is not a straight path, clearly, there are a lot of objections that pop up in customers’ lives, which can prevent them from buying a solution you offer. So, with an integrated tool between Bitrix24 and Whatsapp you have the chance to overcome all of these objections.   

At this moment communication is everything. With our PowerZAP WhatsApp API, you will be able not just to talk with the customer, but also automatically send attach files that increase your chances in the market and in the customer’s mind.

2) Safety and security data

And what about safety? Everything you send or receive is in a safe place because Bitrix24 PowerZAP WhatsApp API uses the WhatsApp encryption data to assure people’s data safety. 

With the new laws of data, LGPD and GDPR, for example, you won’t have any headache to care about. Because you will make communication easier between businesses and customers in a safe environment. 

3) Use more than Twilio

Twilio is an integrator that helps the communication between a platform and an app. To send and receive messages, users need to hire this service separately, besides our app. 

However, let’s say that even though Twilio is an official integrator and has a good status, It is not the fastest and easy use option we can think of. 

Other integrators are also allowed, just as Messenger Bird, which is approved by Facebook. If you wish, you can look into site to delve into its advantages. 

4) Constant Updates and Support

Who doesn’t like to get support anytime it’s needed? Even better, who doesn’t want to have an up to date software that allows teams and companies to make extra revenue?

So receiving support in businesses about products or problems is the aim of PowerZAP WhatsApp API facilitating the customer journey to the purchase. 

Furthermore, we are always listening to client’s feedback to have insight in order to improve the app. 

5) Automate messages with attached files 

Automate is something that technology allows us to use as a way to improve our communication, services, and results. If you use technology in a clever way, we can send messages and also attached files triggered by the actions you define.

The native resource from Bitrix24 and WhatsApp doesn’t do that, because It’s just a communication tool for chatting. Solving problems and breaking objections is a matter for the PowerZAP WhatsApp API.

6) CRM Register 

Last but not least, the best way to make decisions is based on data, so with PowerZAP WhatsApp API for Bitrix24 users can be connected to the Contact Center for a live chat with clients.

Besides, the tool registers automatically the messages on the client’s timeline into the CRM. You can have all the information records sharing on the chat for every contact. That way you will easily see what was agreed at any time.

Try the PowerZAP WhatsApp API free for 14 days

Each team can adapt and tweak the communication using the integration, creating different ways to approach customers and make sales. So, the company improves its conversion and ROI numbers. 

The best improvement we have to think about is the possibility to send files attached in messages automatically and have a record on CRM Contact Center, so you will be able to make decisions with clear and strong data. 

Get things done with Bitrix24 API WhatsApp Integration now!

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