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Chatbot: All you need to automate messages on Bitrix24!



Chatbots are robots that talk to people in order to solve some problems, doubts or even help customers to take some steps for what they (and you) want. They can keep a conversation as humans because they use Artificial Intelligence to understand not just words, but language.

Also, chatbots can adapt to different purposes throughout the principles of Machine Learning. They learn with actual human interaction, and because of that they are a very helpful tool for business. 

Let’s see some benefits when you use chatbots and Bitrix24.

3 Benefits of using Chatbots

Chatbots are very helpful for customers and also for companies, because they can help people to solve problems and overcome an objection to buying something. Besides, they are easy to implement.  

1) 24 hours every day

Yes, availability! Imagine someone wants to buy a product or submit an important document, but he doesn’t know where the button is, or that person needs to know something about the shipping policy. If you don’t have a 24 hour support team, who is going to answer and help that person to buy?

Furthermore, nowadays, people want instant answers for everything, and if you delay helping them, you may lose them. 

2) Make use of conversational apps

Conversational apps are the heart of everyone’s smartphone, and day by day they are not downloading more apps. So you can integrate Bitrix24 with these conversational apps and be where your customers are, in the way they want.

This is possible using chatbots inside a conversational app, Whatsapp, website chats, Facebook messenger,Telegram or Twitter for example, not just simulating a human conversation, but actually talking to your customer and creating a bond between him and your business.

And don’t worry, people know they are talking with a robot, but this is not a problem if you hire a good one who learns quickly the language of your market and It opens the possibility to speak with a human when necessary.

3)  Intelligence for your business

Chatbots allow you to have more intelligence on your business and intelligence means opportunities and sales. You can measure, for example, what are the most common questions about a product or about your company. With this data, you can improve your products or even create new products to follow your customers desires. 

Our Bitrix24 Chatbot also validates the information you ask from your customer or lead. According to this, you can set up different paths to the conversation, helping people to buy, subscribe, download something, and so on. Adapting the chatbot conversational flow to your strategy. 

What about coming to the future now?

The benefits I have talked to you about don’t end there. Everyday chatbots can do more and more things according to your goals. Including integrating external endpoints, looking for data in an external API, scheduling an appointment in an external calendar, for example. 

Don’t lose more people interested in your product and company. Take them quickly to your bot and help them to buy from you. Be always available for them, and they are going to be always there for you.

And remember: you can use a chatbot for commercial purposes, but also in house. Helping your company operation. 

Still thinking on using a bot? Have a free 14 days trial and watch the benefits coming to you! 

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